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Declutterin, Emotional Attachment and Wardrobe Wellness 

Many readers might be familiar with the worldwide work of Marie Kondo.  Marie is on a mission to help more people tidy their spaces.  She uses a simple, effective tools to get there.  Hold the item in your hand and ask yourself, ‘does it spark joy?’  If it does keep it.  If itdoes not let it go.
For many people decluttering their possessions can be a highly emotional experience.  Items of clothing, books, papers, jewellery in fact bits and pieces of all descriptions can stir up emotions of excitement, guilt, pain, happiness, sadness etc.
What we wear for example is a big part of our identity and items of clothing can become symbols of hope or even despair.  It is no surprise then that a new occupation has emerged – a Wardrobe Wellness Coach.
In my own case, trying to declutter my wardrobe made me feel quite vulnerable at times.  So much of my wardrobe is linked with people and events from ‘yesterday’.  In fact my favourite dress with huge colourful polka dots came from one of the most war savaged places in the world – Sarajevo. And yes it does spark joy especially from my grandchildren but alas it is deteriorating… 
When the essence of an item is no longer about its physical properties but more about our attachment, it's called essentialism.  As mentioned, Marie Kondo asks the question of every item ‘does this spark joy?’  Essentialism is important to acknowledge but as most people are on a quest to find happiness, if an item does not spark joy then perhaps it is time to let it go.  This can be hard.
Although wardrobe wellness is a relatively new concept in the world of personal styling, its premise is simply ‘declutter and be transformed’.  This is important because decluttering has us live in the present, not the past nor the future.
Sunday Life magazine within the Sun-Herald March 24, 2019.
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